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Meet DeliverThat's CEO: Aaron Hoffman

It takes a unique type of individual to not only identify a problem but also identify the solution as well. DeliverThat's CEO, Aaron Hoffman has done what many couldn't time and time again. He has many unique qualities that make him a puzzle piece fit for the position he holds.

What drives and motives him most likely doesn't resonate with that of a typical person. The reason people like him are so few and far in between simply reduces down to work ethic and the ability to disregard those who are unable to place their faith in him. Now that DeliverThat is an established growing company it's easy to buy into what Mr. Hoffman has built; however, he would be the first to admit that there were many people who thought he would fail. The ability to believe in oneself is imperative when facing off against those who think the challenge is too daunting. He has the innate ability to see both micro and macro developments. The point of all the aforementioned compliments and adulation isn't to gloat about his success, but rather it's a direct insight into what it takes to do and accomplish what he has (there has been and continues to be plenty of help from others along the way and Aaron would be the first to acknowledge it). You'll never hear this from Aaron himself as he simply does not care about personal recognition. He's much more concerned with the standing of DeliverThat and the type of value it brings to the business community.

Some people are born to be leaders and DeliverThat considers itself very fortunate to be lead by such a charismatic and innovative person. I count myself as one of the lucky few to have been able to work alongside him. There’s no question that DeliverThat will be a nationally recognized brand in the years to come. The horizon is littered with endless possibilities and it's time to seize them.

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