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Driver Spotlight: Adewale T. (Dallas, TX)

Welcome to the Spotlight, Adewale! An Elite driver in our Dallas/Fort Worth area with a passion for delivering excellence! Adewale moved to the Dallas area 6 years ago after immigrating from Nigeria with his family. Having got to know his new home over the last several years, decided he wanted to spend his days cruising through the city being his own boss. 

Adewale's introduction to DeliverThat came unexpectedly during a delivery with another platform. While waiting for an order, he saw a woman with the big, blue DeliverThat bag, and he struck up a conversation. Adewale got referred to our website where he signed up and immediately became a force in the Dallas market. 

Originally a farmer in Nigeria, he brings a strong work ethic and dedication to everything he does. He is grateful for the opportunity to be his own boss, make his own hours and be there for his family. For Adewale, the biggest benefit of gig driving is the flexibility it offers. As a father, being able to spend time with his children before and after school is incredibly important to him. 

Adewale's advice for new drivers on the DeliverThat platform? Stay professional, take care of the customer, and communicate with the team to avoid any issues. Avoiding violations and the setbacks that come with it is crucial. He stresses staying true to your commitments and do your job everyday the same way.Building strong relationships with restaurants, like his favorite Luna Grill, has also been key to his success. Knowing which restaurants are good at being on time can be the difference between a stressful day or not. Keeping everything moving and making connections with the store’s staff helps your day run smoothly.

With his dedication and hard work, Adewale embodies what it means to be an Elite driver. His commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction make him a valuable member of the DeliverThat team. Here's to Adewale and his continued success on the road!

Watch his full length interview here:

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