Grown from a Big Idea

in a Small Town

In 2013, two entrepreneurial college students in the Midwest figured they could charge less mobile (or maybe less motivated!) college students a small fee to have fast food, school supplies or any other small retail items delivered to their apartments or dorm rooms by contracting out the service to other hard-working, financially motivated students.


That business grew to multiple campuses and multiple cities before evolving into DeliverThat, now simplifying last mile delivery fulfillment for national brands in more than two dozen markets across the country. Recognized as an industry leader in restaurant catering delivery and set-up, DeliverThat facilitates more than two million dollars of catering revenue every week.


Those forward-thinking Ohio University graduates, Aaron Hoffman & John Zinno, still lead the company and have John a vision to connect emerging industries with “demand” to its growing gig-economy “supply” of professional delivery drivers. DeliverThat offers 
a cost-effective out-sourced delivery solution for restaurants, grocery chains, manufacturers and more.


DeliverThat is changing what's possible with third-party delivery. With the best delivery drivers who share our conviction of reliable customer service, DeliverThat promotes a culture where customer satisfaction is the only bottom line that matters.