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  • Lisa Hendershott

Holiday Cheer - Deliveries are here!

Dashing through the snow, in a 4-cylinder car; over the hills we go, catering all the way. It’s the DeliverThat way this holiday season! The delivery volume will be increasing for our drivers. Put on your hat, grab your mittens and warm the hearts of our clients with a big smile on your face! As the deliveries pick up from now until December 21, we will have many partners who will be submitting more and more deliveries to us these next few weeks before Christmas, and it’s our job to help our clients with their holiday parties, conference meetings and so much more! With the busy season, be sure you can take the deliveries you’ve selected or release them immediately! This gives other drivers the opportunity to pick up the delivery and make our clients happy! A dropped or cancelled catering order during the holiday can ruin a clients day quickly and DeliverThat does not want to be the reason. Be sure of your deliveries, stack your days perfectly and if cancellations must happen, call the hotline (833 - 788 - 7880) as quickly as possible. Remember, to help prepare for the volume, DeliverThat will need as many drivers available as possible to handle the volume and to avoid cancelling deliveries. To help out, drivers can earn extra compensation by referring drivers to the platform. For each driver referred, once their first delivery is taken, the referring driver will receive a $10.00 referral bonus. The holiday season is the perfect time to refer drivers to our platform. With a rise in volume at the holiday season, after the holidays, we do experience a decrease in volume as well. DeliverThat wants all of our drivers to know what to expect between December 23rd, 2019, through January 6, 2020. Deliveries will be slower as companies will be out of the office due to Christmas and New Years. Please continue to be prepared for the winter weather! Allow extra time for your deliveries, leave five to 10 minutes before normal, keep blankets, jumper cables, and gas cans in your trunk. Being prepared for the winter weather will allow drivers to be prepared for many tough situations. Deliveries will pick back up after the holiday season. Do not be alarmed. The holiday season is the most important time for catering. Our clients want everything to turn out just right. We know DeliverThat can help make their catering experience as special as they are expecting. Deliver with a smile. Deliver the warmth. DeliverThat.

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