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Operator Testimonial: Qdoba (Midwest)

Qdoba Catering Delivery DeliverThat

Since Qdoba started using DeliverThat in 2018 for its St. Louis locations, the company quickly discovered how it could ease operational burdens and grow catering sales in the process.

“DeliverThat has taken a lot of the pressure off of our restaurants to locate drivers on our own,” said Brian Cole, director of catering sales for Qdoba’s Midwest region. “We can now take on more business to help us reach our growth goals by utilizing DeliverThat services.”

The 2018 launch of DeliverThat was so successful, the franchise group added the service to its Chicago locations in 2019, and will soon also expand the catering delivery platform to Kansas City.

“DeliverThat drivers and dispatch personnel are very professional and pleasant to work with, … and we’ve been able to significantly grow our catering sales,” Cole said. “The technology is easy to use and scheduling is very easy with the online scheduling tool. When we need to contact dispatch to ask questions or find out the status of a delivery, they are quick to respond.”

Additionally, Cole said the franchise group appreciates the fact that DeliverThat dispatch can provide detailed information on exactly where the delivery drivers are en route. This is due to DeliverThat’s partnership and integration with VROMO, the proprietary delivery management software that enables dispatch to locate drivers.

“This has been very useful when customers are asking us where the driver is located,” Cole said. “We are able to provide our customers with an exact location and the estimated time of arrival, giving them peace of mind. I am proud to have DeliverThat as a partner with Qdoba in the Midwest Region.”

Qdoba Catering Delivery DeliverThat

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