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Driver Highlight: Charles Hornbeck

Today we are featuring Charles Hornbeck, a New York native who moved to Denver just three years ago, and is celebrating his one year anniversary as a Lead Driver for DeliverThat.

He looks cool doing it too!

DeliverThat's Denver expansion was still in its infancy when Charles joined the team during August of 2018. As a result of his dedication to superb customer service, the company was able to quickly make a name for itself in the city and surrounding metropolitan area. Charles initially began driving part-time while maintaining his role as a full-time student looking to complete his Bachelor's degree. Charles quickly learned that the flexibility in being able to create his own schedule allowed him to continue his work as a student, while also being able to drive as a full-time source of income. "I love the fact that I was able to play a role in the rapid growth here in Denver," said Charles, "helping to secure relationships with restaurant partners and customers alike."

The care and pride Charles takes in his day-to-day deliveries for DeliverThat and our respective restaurant partners is evident in the setup pictures he supplies our team daily. Charles Hornbeck is a household name around DeliverThat's HQ in Canton, OH and the pictures he provides are frequently featured on all of our social media platforms. He's such a regular in fact, that he was recently featured in a DeliverThat Instagram story showcasing what a typical delivery looks like for him in Denver.

As a Lead Driver, it is an additional responsibility to assist in the education of new drivers. Rather than going through the motions and only educating these new drivers on the bare minimum, Charles takes pride in their on-boarding, stating that he "goes out of his way to educate them on his exact methods so the company can continue its reputation and success in the city." His approach is nothing short of effective, as Denver is and continues to be one of DeliverThat's most successful ventures.

The DeliverThat team is truly grateful for the effort and commitment Charles brings to the table on each and every delivery, and the care he puts into ensuring that newer drivers are instilled with the same level of pride in their work. We look forward to the future of DeliverThat in Denver, and that is largely due to the strong leadership we have in Charles Hornbeck.

Thank you Charles!


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