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Why DeliverThat: How To Select a Delivery Provider

Identifying the principles that are key to the brand is the most important part of selecting a delivery provider. Whether the search is for a primary, secondary, or overflow delivery provider, the brand’s current delivery ecosystem will determine which principles are important.

Delivery providers are not created equal. Some value the size of the fleet, some view every restaurant partner as their first. The principle(s) necessary for the restaurant’s needs will make the decision seamless.


  • Brand integrity

  • Consistency

  • Coverage

  • Growth potential

  • Support

For example, DeliverThat has open lines of communication for urgent and nonurgent issues through account management and troubleshooting channels. The open line of communication has not only improved DeliverThat’s quality, but also the restaurant’s experience. In addition to the above, restaurants are able to focus on what matters most.

Example Questions

  • How will the provider uphold my brand’s standards?

  • Will the provider deliver on their ‘promise’?

  • Does the provider have the coverage capabilities necessary?

  • How does the provider handle delivery issues?

  • Is this a company my brand can grow with?

  • Will the provider treat the brand like a customer or a partner?

Maintaining the brand’s standards and establishing a partnership are both key to providing customers a high-quality delivery experience. When evaluating the delivery provider, it is important to fully understand the company, not only the sales pitch. Whether it is a lack of experience or a cautious attitude, knowing what to ask and what to look for are imperative.

Align the off-premises strategy with the principles set by the brand, determine the 3 tier strategy (link to that blog), and choose the delivery providers that fit the brand’s needs.

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