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DeliverThat Elevates Catering Logistics: A Commitment to Excellence

Our team has been busy! In a bid to streamline catering logistics, DeliverThat is proud to announce a series of strategic advancements aimed at enriching the experience of restaurant merchants and delivery service providers (DSP). These developments come as part of our ongoing commitment to harness technology and collaboration, which further enhances the catering industry's capabilities.

One notable stride has been the integration of DeliverThat with DSP aggregators, including Burq, Nash, and Xpress Run. These alliances bolster our ability to connect merchants with DeliverThat drivers, increasing the reach and possibilities for restaurant merchants.

Our recent launch with Cater Curator exemplifies our dedication to expanding the network of available delivery opportunities, benefiting restaurants, drivers, and the clientele they serve. Our commitment is to ensure that DeliverThat remains at the forefront of the catering industry, offering seamless and efficient delivery solutions.

Furthermore, our advanced integration with VROMO empowers restaurant merchants with heightened delivery visibility, and easier access to track and manage their future and ongoing deliveries; further cementing DeliverThat's role in revolutionizing the logistics of the industry. This newest integration allows catering merchants to manage & track their own fleet of drivers in the same space they manage and track DeliverThat drivers, making our dashboard a one-stop-shop for catering managers.

These new partnerships and technology integrations underscore DeliverThat's unrelenting quest for innovation and our drive to elevate the catering industry as a whole. They open up numerous opportunities for restaurants to increase their delivery capabilities while fostering the growth of a dynamic and reliable delivery ecosystem.

DeliverThat remains dedicated to delivering a suite of industry-leading services and solutions, and these latest strides only emphasize our relentless commitment to the world of catering.

For more details on our services and capabilities, please reach out to us at or visit our website at We look forward to helping your catering business flourish.

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