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  • Ben Alkire

Partner Spotlight: honeygrow

Founded in Philadelphia by Justin Rosenberg, honeygrow celebrates its first decade in business in 2022. Beginning in 2012, the health-focused fast-casual brand now boasts 26 locations, with two more ready for development by the end of the year. Stretching across major east coast cities, including Boston, Brooklyn, Pittsburgh, and Washington DC, the brand has become a staple with stir-fries, salads, and honeybars. Catering Strategist Jennifer Trowbridge emphasizes, "we cover dietary restrictions from gluten-free, vegan, soy allergies, anything you can think of, we can cover it!" Not to mention all of the locations are completely peanut-free.

Aside from the health focus, honeygrow also places great pride and appreciation on those they have working in their stores. "They have such a passion for not only catering but just honeygrow in general," Jennifer insists. Staffing can become a problem for restaurant brands post-COVID, but less often when you hire for passion and understanding. Those employees also help the bustling food delivery business honeygrow has. They certainly have their hands full working with marketplaces, like ezCater, Olo, and delivery service DeliverThat. "The thing about catering is that you're not just reaching one guest. You're reaching an entire group of people..whether that be from five to one thousand," Jennifer considers. Catering can become a catalyst for exponential growth when you're thinking about it in those terms.

Click below to hear more from Jennifer about catering operations, driver communication, and honeygrow!

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