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  • Ben Alkire

Partner Spotlight: Coyo Taco

Coyo Taco is "Miami's freshest Mexican street food experience" with 7 locations stretching across five countries and two continents. With two more locations scheduled to open by the spring of 2022, this brand focuses on quality ingredients and recyclable or compostable materials. Alicia, Coyo's Catering Sales & Events Manager, also explained, "we have speakeasies in the back of our lounges…so tacos and tequila!" Their homestead location resides in Wynwood, just outside of downtown Miami.

Bouncing back from the pandemic has become a headline across all major foodservice brands, Coyo included. "We've seen an increase in sales in 2021, obviously from 2020 but even from 2019", Alica begins. Coyo began a full-fledged catering program during the pandemic in hopes of returning to form. "90 percent of our orders are deliveries, and one of our restaurants does more than 50 percent of their entire business in off-premises”, a testament to how important catering and delivery have become.

Coyo believes that getting there on time is the battle, especially with Miami's notorious traffic. "At the end of that day, if we don't get the food there and it's not on time, what's the point" Alicia contends, a statement that those across all foodservice brands would most likely echo.

If you'd like to hear more from Alicia and Coyo Taco, click below to watch the DeliveringMore podcast.

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