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Driver Spotlight: Afam A (Columbus, OH)

Meet Afam! A veteran of the gig industry, Afam has been working on gig apps for upwards of 7 years. After moving to Columbus, Ohio, in 2020, Afam was looking for a new, steady source of income and a way to learn his new city. Having worked the usual apps of DoorDash and Uber, Afam, like many, was left looking for more out of gig work. In comes DeliverThat!

"With DeliverThat, you're not dealing with 'the big corporation' feeling you get with other apps. Instead, you quickly and easily get in contact with who you need to speak to with a one-time resolution, and through time, you really get to know the staff", Afam said. "I even enjoy the dress code expected from driving with DeliverThat - it brings a sense of professionalism to the deliveries," he added.

Afam pointed to DeliverThat's #ByDriversForDrivers motto as what boosts DeliverThat above the competition. "That's the most important thing. When I call in, knowing the staff is educated and experienced in handling my situation brings a calming presence to an often stressful situation." To us, #ByDriversForDrivers means more than our in-house employees taking a few deliveries. Several of our staff, including executive positions such as CEO and VPO, are staffed by former drivers. As seen in a previous Driver Spotlight, we recently had a long-time driver in our Atlanta Team come to Canton, OH, to join our in-house team. "It's good to see that internal hiring is happening with DeliverThat. It is a good way to never lose sight of why this company is as great as it is." Afam said.

The gig veteran had great advice for newer drivers to the DeliverThat platform. "You have to know your area. Mapping out your deliveries to give yourself the best, the most efficient route is the key. From there, provide great customer service and utilize the information given to you. Many times there will be specific instructions for the delivery. Always check for those Special Delivery Instructions," said Afam.

We thank Afam for everything he has done through his 2+ years on the DeliverThat platform. He has become a cornerstone of our Columbus Team and a prime example of making the DeliverThat platform work for you as a driver. Keep #DeliveringMore Afam!

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