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Driver Spotlight: Minyon C (Atlanta, GA)

Minyon C., aka "Filet Minyon," is a trailblazer, who exemplifies the DeliverThat mantra, "By Drivers, For Drivers!"

Filet is a native of Atlanta, GA, the Peach State, and a born Entrepreneur and Innovator. Minyon started her leadership journey early in life, serving in the United States Air Force, working alongside Colonels and Generals. Immediately following the military, Minyon connected with Corporate America as an Executive Administrator supporting C-Level management. Minyon's professional diversity also includes a vital contribution to Sales & Marketing, which led to her applying to join our Corporate staff in Restaurant Relations. Minyon prides her most significant accomplishments on being a mother of 2 extraordinarily accomplished daughters, a career Scientist, and a US Air Force Non-commissioned Officer, both living their best life across the globe.

In 2018, life forced Minyon to become a self-employed contractor in the gig economy, working over ten platforms simultaneously.

While picking up a catering order for Thanksgiving 2020, she met a DeliverThat driver who referred her to the young platform. In a few days, Minyon completed her 1st delivery with DeliverThat and quickly learned how to make our platform work for her, averaging $700+ weekly and maximizing the quarterly DeliveringMore Bonus. Minyon continuously says, "DeliverThat pays more than any other Food Delivery gig." Minyon has referred over 60 drivers to register with DeliverThat across the nation. These ambitious moves led to referring the most potential drivers hands down, including becoming the top driver in the Atlanta metro and, most recently, becoming the first driver to elevate and join the DeliverThat Corporate Team.

"I see the vision this company has," Minyon says. Being around top executives for most of her career, Minyon has an eye for opportunity. "DeliverThat is the most driver-centric platform available. Even the growth I have seen during my time as a driver, I saw every decision made had a positive impact towards the drivers, one way or another", she added.

At the drop of a hat, Minyon relocated from Atlanta to Ohio, almost 700 miles, to be a part of the exponential opportunity to add value to the vision of DeliverThat's Founders, President & CEO, and the future of the gig economy. DeliverThat is what Minyon refers to as "The Concierge of Catering Delivery Services!" Stay tuned.

Minyon Conley closes by sharing powerful beliefs and affirmations; "If you believe it, go receive it!" and "If God opens a door, walk through and know that with God, All Things are Possible!"

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