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Driver Spotlight: Rino P. (Orlando, FL)

Updated: May 30

Rino P., a dedicated driver in the Orlando market, shares insights into his time on the DeliverThat platform and his experiences navigating the gig economy. With eight years of residency in Orlando, Rino has fully embraced the gig economy lifestyle. He actively engages with various app-based jobs, including Instacart, Shipt, Uber Eats, and DoorDash, with DeliverThat being his top priority.

Rino's career path has been diverse, ranging from sports journalism to sales and public relations, to now a full-time gig driver. Outside of work, he finds joy in sports like tennis and soccer, cooking, and traveling. His journey with DeliverThat began when his father spotted a driver picking up an order at a restaurant. Intrigued, Rino researched the company and decided to join.

For Rino, the biggest benefit of being a gig driver is the flexibility it offers. He appreciates the freedom to determine his working hours and earnings potential. At DeliverThat, Rino values the company's ethos of being "By Drivers, For Drivers." He feels supported and appreciated, knowing that the team understands and prioritizes the needs of drivers.

Rino advises new drivers to focus on time management and patience, emphasizing that success in this job requires both skills. While he acknowledges the variability in restaurant experiences, Rino highlights places like Maple Biscuit Company and Pei Wei for their efficiency and hospitality.

Reflecting on his deliveries, Rino cherishes opportunities to visit unique locations, like Disney Cirque du Soleil, and engage with the people behind the scenes. He attributes his success on the DeliverThat platform to his personality, dedication, and continuous self-improvement mindset.

In closing, Rino expresses gratitude for the opportunity to work with DeliverThat, emphasizing the company's commitment to prioritizing and respecting its drivers. His journey exemplifies the spirit of resilience and dedication that drives success in the gig economy. Stay tuned for more inspiring stories from our DeliverThat drivers!

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