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November Team Member of the Month

November was the story of one man. A man who stood tallest among giants. A man whose cognitive abilities are second only to IBM’s Big Blue. That man is Tristan Pellegrene. His name is spoken in all corners of our office in great reverence. His expertise whispered among his co-workers as if were legend. My hands barely feel worthy to type his name…

Thankfully, all in our office rose above their quiet admiration as we stepped up to offer our collective adulation to Mr. Pellegrene for his outstanding performance in the month of November. These praises paid tribute to his first class communication, willingness to teach and an attitude that exemplifies DeliverThat’s commitment to service and support. As the winner of Team Member of the Month, Tristan has cemented his legacy. Many will try to rise above him this month of December. We all watching with great anticipation as any and all team members work to secure the title and claim the throne for themselves.

Tristan has also made many appearances on DeliverThat's Driver Tips of the Week. Giving advice to DeliverThat's fleet of catering delivery drivers from the dispatch team's perspective. Check out a couple of Tristan's Tips of the Week below!

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