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January '23 Anniversaries

The new year brings new celebrations, and we have a couple on our hands. First, we are beginning 2023 with two work anniversaries for team members who joined us in 2022.

Starting with Sarah, a Driver Relations and Recruitment Specialist. She celebrated her first anniversary on the 19th of this month. Sarah always works with a smile to assist our drivers through onboarding, payment, and educational solutions that can be provided in real-time. Not to mention, Sarah brought along with her her husband Justin, who also joined the team in 2022. The couple was the first pair of DeliverThat employees to tie the knot, and they began a string of DeliverThat weddings throughout the past year.

"To date, Sarah has been able to help our team exceed and grow beyond what was previously capable. Sarah is reliable, hard-working, and determined to provide the best service to our drivers and driver candidates." - Holley, Head of Driver Experience.

Our second anniversary for January is Vic. Vic began his time with DeliverThat as a driver in Charlotte, NC. Then, becoming familiar with the platform through his relationship with Vice President of Operations Christian, he spent his off hours at Verizon helping out the fleet and our team when he could. Finally, after some convincing, Vic moved to Canton, OH, and joined our team on the 31st of last year, barely making the cut for the January anniversaries. Coming on as a CSR, Vic quickly got hold of the reigns and has moved to a management role within the department. He helped onboard almost 20 new team members last year alone, and we can't thank him enough for this thorough process of making sure we've brought on the right people.

"Early on, we built personal relationships with every driver on our team. However, as DeliverThat scaled, it became impossible for our leadership team to continue this. We were missing a leadership role centered on Live Delivery Support and Driver Experience. Vic had the perfect background and started as a driver, like many of us. He has led our Call Center to new heights, which is just the beginning for him!" - Christian, Vice President of Operations.

This sentiment will be repeated over the year as we continue celebrating our team members, but we wouldn't be in the position we are without individuals like these two. We are beyond grateful for their time with us and look forward to another year of continued success.

To the Moon.

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