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November '22 Anniversaries

Bring on the Christmas music! But only after we celebrate our November work anniversaries.

With only one individual to focus on, there has been an internal debate about whether to make this short and sweet or really dive into the story of Kody Staskey. So we’ll dive in.

Kody is a Canton, Ohio native, attending and graduating from GlenOak High School as a teen. Participating in all the sports growing up and playing for the Eagles on Friday nights during his time at GlenOak, it was as if Kody and DeliverThat’s core group of initial Jackson High School grads just missed each other growing up. Although never directly intertwined, there were a few short interactions, notably a trip to Myrtle Beach after graduation.

Seven years later, another friendship would catalyze Kody’s beginnings with DeliverThat. After a friend began discussing joining the team, he referred Kody to the company. Following a few sit-downs with Darien Terrell, now CEO, it became clear that the environment and nature of this start-up were just right for Staskey. Being brought on in the business development department, he would quickly learn the ins and outs through his participation in the dispatch department. Managing accounts made things easier to come full circle as he could understand the entire life cycle of delivery, how they are offered to drivers, and how drivers decided which delivery was most beneficial for them. And finally, the execution of that delivery to the customer.

Now managing 35+ accounts, Kody has staked his claim for what a reliable and invested individual can be. Beginning his mornings early and working late to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible for his partners, that have entrusted DeliverThat with thousands of dollars of catering.

Kody has seen the team at DeliverThat go from 10 to 40+ internal employees. The team’s Serviceable states go from 30 to all 50 within the United States. And he’s also had the opportunity to train and develop others within his department so he can focus on continuing to bring in new business for the company.

Three years have flown by. Cheers to the first five and another 10. To the moon!

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