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Seasonal Catering Rush

The holidays are upon the catering industry, which means the busy season is here! There are many factors that contribute to this influx of catering delivery orders towards the end of the calendar year. End of year budgets, vacations, religious holidays, and the overall gathering and giving mentality.

Over the next two months (November & December) we will undergo a period of religious holidays the will affect over 75% of the United States population. Some religious holidays to keep in mind that will be coming up.

Christian Holidays:

Nov. 1, Friday: All Saints' Day

Nov. 2, Saturday: All Souls' Day

Nov. 26, Tuesday: Christ the King

Nov. 30, Saturday: St. Andrew's Day

Dec. 1, Sunday: Advent

Dec. 6, Friday: St. Nicholas Day

Dec. 24, Tuesday: Christmas Eve

Dec. 25, Wednesday: Christmas

Dec. 28, Saturday: Holy Innocents

Dec. 31, Tuesday: Watch Night

Jewish Holidays:

Dec. 23-30: Chanukah or Hanukkah

Buddhist Holidays:

Dec. 8, Sunday – Bodhi Day

Hindu Holidays:

Nov. 2, Saturday: Chhath Puja

Nov. 12, Tuesday: Kartik Poornima

Dec. 8, Sunday: Geeta Jayanti

Dec. 16, Monday: Dhanu Sankranti

United States Holidays Observed:

Nov. 11, Monday: Veterans Day

Nov. 28, Thursday: Thanksgiving Day

Nov. 29, Friday: Black Friday

Dec. 1, Sunday: First Sunday of Advent

Dec. 2, Monday: Cyber Monday

Dec. 7, Saturday: Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

Dec. 12, Thursday: Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Dec. 21, Saturday: December Solstice

Dec. 23, Monday: Chanukah/Hanukkah

Dec. 24, Tuesday: Christmas Eve

Dec. 25, Wednesday: Christmas Day

Dec. 26, Thursday: Kwanzaa

Dec. 26, Thursday: Day After Christmas Day

Dec. 30, Monday: Last Day of Chanukah

Dec. 31, Tuesday: New Year's Eve

During these holidays people come together to celebrate, repent, praise, give, etc...

At any gathering, the staple of these events are food! With large numbers of people at these gatherings and parties, the perfect food solution is catering! When it comes to catering, the question of "delivery" must be discussed.

Catering delivery is DeliverThat's bread and butter, making this time of the year the busy season for not just the food industry but the food delivery industry as well. As these holidays begin to inch closer and closer, DeliverThat's recruiting and Driver Relations departments are hard at work. Ensuring that our catering partners have the best coverage with the most elite drivers in the catering delivery world.

An advantage to using DeliverThat's services against the competition, is the fact of the setup of the food is required. At a party, as a customer, you want the food that you paid for and to be delivered and to be presented in a nice, clean way. The DeliverThat advantage of a brand specific setup ensures that the food ordered by the customer, will arrive and look exactly how the catering setup would look as if it was delivered and setup by the owner of the restaurant.

As a DeliverThat catering driver, a simple way to ensure that you are maximizing your time, stay in contact with the DeliverThat Driver Hotline (833) 781-7880. DeliverThat's team of dispatchers will aid catering drivers in routing catering deliveries and availability. By knowing a catering driver's availability, DeliverThat's team of dispatchers will be able to line up catering drivers for future deliveries during the holidays.

Becoming a DeliverThat catering driver is a great side gig for this time of year. If you are looking to earn some supplementary income for the holidays, this is the perfect gig!

Sign up to drive here and get started just in time for the holiday rush!

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