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Why DeliverThat: Customer Service

“Customer service shouldn’t be a department, it should be the entire company.” - Tony Hsieh

In an industry where customer service seems to lose value as companies grow, DeliverThat has - and always will - make customer service the top priority. Whether you are a driver in need of assistance or a restaurant partner looking for a helping hand, at DeliverThat you will always receive a live representative eager to help.

Driver Hotline

Even the most experienced delivery drivers need assistance. Delivery driver, Albert T., is one of the best drivers in our organization. In an interview with Albert, he stressed the value of DeliverThat’s Driver Hotline. “DeliverThat always gives me the opportunity to make my own decisions, but is always there to help out...I always tell other drivers not to be afraid to reach out; you’re going to love talking to dispatch”, Albert praised.

When a driver calls in, they will always speak to a member of our Driver Hotline. The dispatchers that assist on the hotline have the unique experience of truly learning the stories of our drivers. Albert, a longer-tenured driver, very much views DeliverThat as family, “I believe very much that DeliverThat has always been there for me...that's the way I see you guys, as friends and family”.

Since we truly are a company by drivers for drivers, we provide freedom to our fleet to work as business owners. From freely choosing jobs to routing their week in advance our job is to ensure our drivers are happy.

Driver Management

Here at DeliverThat our passion is helping people. DeliverThat has a dedicated support staff for our drivers' wellbeing. From questions on a delivery to brand education, the Driver management team provides the resources necessary for a driver's success.

Restaurant Hotline

Transparency is key to DeliverThat’s restaurant customer service. To ensure this transparency, our restaurant partners are given the ability to live track their deliveries to ease any unsettling inclinations. We also send confirmation emails to our partners when a driver accepts their deliveries and will even reach out the night prior to the deliveries to communicate any pertinent information.

Account Management

A partnership with DeliverThat comes with weekly status calls and often any communication about live deliveries will happen directly with your account manager. To get an understanding of how our partners value DeliverThat’s customer service, we had a call with Alexandra Chan, VP of Finance at Life Alive Organic Cafe in Boston, MA. “It feels really good to have a consistent partner with really clear and open lines of communication built on trust”, Alexandra claimed. She went on to talk about how DeliverThat and Life Alive’s professional relationship has grown from when she first heard about DeliverThat, “At first there was this sense that ‘our business affiliates trust you, so we are willing to try it’ and now frankly were incredibly impressed with the level of organization, flexibility, and communication”.

Helping people starts with consistent and passionate customer service. In an industry that requires one of the highest standards of service, DeliverThat’s brand is built on this belief.

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