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  • Nate Kingsbury

Driver Spotlight: Walter W. (Northeast Ohio)

This week we turned to our backyard to spotlight one of our hometown heroes, Walter W., in our NEO team. Born and raised in Northeast Ohio, Walter has been a professional delivery driver for over 35 years. After starting his delivery LLC in 2019, Walter was browsing job postings for platforms needing an experienced delivery driver when he stumbled upon a platform that stuck out from the rest. After a brief search, he found a service that stuck out to him because of where they are headquartered, Northeast Ohio. Walter took his first delivery with DeliverThat in 2020 and has been a cornerstone of the NEO market.

Walter has been with DeliverThat through some significant changes due to the growth of our platform. When asked what makes DeliverThat different from other available platforms, he said, “I have noticed the exponential growth of DeliverThat since I first signed up. But, more importantly, I feel you have always had the drivers in mind with every decision.” An easy reference to our ‘By Drivers, For Drivers’ tagline. Walter also acknowledged the high average pay per delivery and the best-in-class driver support team DeliverThat offers.

The delivery veteran had some essential advice for newer drivers looking to optimize their deliveries while providing a professional experience to the customers. “Get some DeliverThat bags, a 4-wheel dolly or wagon, and a strong internet network - the dolly will let you be quick on the deliveries, and the WiFi will let you be quick on the app!” Walter then explained why he believes he has such a long and successful professional delivery career, “The Golden Rule of Delivery - Deliver to others the way you wish to be delivered to.” He said he ensures to provide the experience he would expect if someone delivered to him.

We thank Walter for all he has done over the last few years and look forward to a long partnership. Keep #DeliveringMore!

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