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Driver Spotlight: The Stafford Family (Nashville, TN)

Meet the Staffords. This husband and wife duo has been cruising the streets of the Nashville metropolitan area for over 25 years, specializing in food delivery. Lisa and Nicky Stafford are undoubtedly veterans of the gig economy. Starting in the gig space in 2014, the couple helped build up the market for Lyft in the Nashville area. Assisting the company in recruiting, driver training, and marketing, the two got to know numerous gig workers, slowly building their network.

Come 2016, Lisa and Nicky worked directly with Zoes Kitchen, helping to facilitate their catering delivery. Newly introduced to the catering industry, they found their niche. After DeliverThat established a partnership with Zoes Kitchen, the two became familiar with our young company. The Staffords applied to DeliverThat but needed more time to learn the platform as they were still helping Zoes directly. Following a stint assisting CoreLife Eatery, where the two could deliver to various local entertainment locations, they applied to DeliverThat in September of this year. After going through our updated onboarding process, Lisa understood our platform's intricacies and realized the lucrative opportunity in front of the couple.

"DeliverThat has some important advantages to us as drivers," Lisa said. "Being able to plan your day and choose the area you deliver in is priceless.", she added. When asked, Lisa also pointed to our friendly Live Support staff setting our company apart.

Since signing up, The Staffords have become integral to our Nashville market. Lisa, who just surpassed her 100th delivery on the platform, says DeliverThat is quickly becoming one of her favorite gig apps. "I love walking around with my blue DeliverThat branded bags," she said. Lisa and Nicky love snatching up the larger orders on our platform. "Setting up the Large Orders is one of my favorite things. I walk into the customer's location, and everyone is so excited to see me wheeling in their food with my wagon. All of that is before mentioning the pay!" she added.

We at DeliverThat are grateful for The Stafford's joining Driver Nation and quickly adding more veteran drivers to our fleet. It shows that DeliverThat is a platform where veteran and new gig drivers can succeed. Thank you, Lisa and Nicky, and keep #DeliveringMore !

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