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  • Nate Kingsbury

Driver Spotlight: Mustafa (Boston, MA)

Meet Mustafa G., a Cambridge graduate driving the road of Boston, MA, for over 20 years. A veteran of the catering industry, Mustafa joined the DeliverThat platform early in 2022 after contacting our partner, EzCater, looking for new opportunities. After being referred to DeliverThat, he joined the team, and we have had a successful partnership.

UberEats, DoorDash, GrubHub, and even directly delivering for restaurants like Bertuccis, Mustafa has done it all. When asked what sets DeliverThat apart, he said, "The outstanding customer service. I have worked on other platforms, and when you want to get in contact with their support, you get someone in a foreign country or even no one at all. With DeliverThat, I am confident I will get unmatched support 100% of the time."

Our Boston team benefits from being located with one of our top restaurant partners, Tatte Bakery, and the shop is Mustafa's favorite place. "I love delivering for Tatte; everyone knows my name and is happy to see me when I walk in. They make me feel part of the team. So much so that I have no problem helping them prepare orders when they are occasionally behind," he said. If he sees a new face waiting for a Tatte order, Mustafa will introduce himself and give the rook a rundown of how to best work with Tatte.

By now, it's no secret that DeliverThat is a company #ByDriverForDrivers. This is because every decision we make as a company is first viewed through the eyes of our drivers, ensuring their benefit - and Mustafa has noticed this. "The company culture of DeliverThat is very important. Drivers can feel it, and it shows through by the changes being made," he said.

The catering veteran had some excellent advice for newer drivers to the DeliverThat platform. "Come out early and take the breakfast deliveries. Take advantage of the mornings to help meet your daily goal earlier," he said. It is solid advice. A breakfast route of 2+ deliveries can set you up for your choice of a financially beneficial day or taking the day to yourself, the most significant benefit of being an independent driver.

We thank Mustafa for all his hard work and the professionalism he brings to his deliveries. We have very much enjoyed the relationship we formed throughout this year and look forward to a long, successful partnership. Keep #DeliveringMore Mustafa!

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