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Driver Spotlight: Kyran M (Charlotte, NC)

Will the real Queen City please stand up? This week we venture down to Charlotte, NC, to highlight one of our most tenured drivers in the area, Kyran McShaw. Kyran joined the DeliverThat platform in the summer of 2019 and has been a staple in our Charlotte market ever since.

A preschool music teacher and a vocalist in a traveling band, Kyran - like many, joined the DeliverThat platform in search of some supplemental income. After moving on from his occupation of 12 years at Spectrum, Kyran was looking for flexibility in his work life and working when and where he wanted to become a top priority.

After signing up for the DeliverThat platform, Kyran instantly felt the difference from the other gig options available. “When you call in, you get the feeling that ‘this company gets it.’ You all understand the pain points of the drivers and are knowledgeable and understanding of the obstacles we face. Everything is built to maximize the drivers’ days and earnings,” he said.

On any day of the week, you can find Kyran delivering for his favorite restaurant, Velvet Tacos. “I love Velvet Taco deliveries,” he said. “The taco boxes are packaged for easy transport, the store is always on time, and the people are nice. It is a well-run restaurant,” Kyran continued. Kyran also mentioned that he enjoys delivering for Buca di Beppo, as they have a location constantly providing deliveries near his home. He ended by saying that proximity can sometimes be the deciding factor as to what deliveries he takes on any given day.

When asked, the veteran driver had some advice for newer drivers to the platform. “Keep the app on and stay ready,” he said. “It can be competitive to accept new offers, be alert and mindful of the other drivers in the app,” Kyran added. He continued by saying that though you can compete with other drivers on the app for jobs, our drivers are all on the same team, and it can be more beneficial to everyone to help each other out.

We appreciate Kyran for all his hard work in the field and for taking the time for this interview. After four years on the platform, Kyran has been with the company through many changes. We want to keep making the platform better for everyone involved. Keep #DeliveringMore Kyran!

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