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Driver Spotlight: Kelsey P. (Orlando, FL)

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

A mainstay throughout northern Orlando over the past two years, Kelsey P has paved her own path on the DeliverThat platform. While her beginnings with DeliverThat stretch back to mid-2019, her time in Orlando began about 12 years ago. Living in Maine for 6 years previously, the warmer weather keeps her right where she is now. Kelsey has had the pleasure of growing with DeliverThat to the point where she outlasted how we onboarded our own drivers. Pre COVID, DeliverThat used what we called a “ride-along” to onboard drivers. Nowadays, the process is entirely online and easily accessed directly from our website, if you’re feeling generous ;).

Having previously worked with UberEats and DoorDash, Kelsey was looking across the resources she had for other gigs. At the time, DeliverThat was a fairly new company. Only spanning possibly 40 cities in the US, Orlando was an extremely new market. When asked what drew her to the platform, she had a fairly straightforward answer, “ I saw that it paid more than anything I was doing at the time”. Kelsey also mentioned the ease with which she could build out her days and weeks on the DeliverThat platform. “It’s easier to make your own schedule. You can plan out your days and most of it is in advance so you know what you have”, she explained. Those are certainly a few of the key factors that draw so many to the DeliverThat platform, but not the only things.

Our conversation continued, as she began to tell me how she also enjoyed being able to build relationships with the stores. I stumbled into my next question which just so happened to be about the restaurant brands she was referencing. When asked which were her favorite to deliver for, she did not hesitate to list them, “Zoe’s Kitchen, Buca Di Beppo, PDQ, Carraba’s, there’s so many” she said. I know personally that Zoe’s Kitchen in Lake Mary have this woman on speed dial when they need something taken care of, so to hear her explain how much she enjoys her interactions with all of these brands and how kind and helpful they can be, it speaks volumes for the ecosystem we’re trying to create.

My final three questions to Kelsey we’re the same I’ve been asking each driver the past few months. First, what is the hardest part about driving/delivering catering orders? Kelsey began, “Meeting customer expectations. It’s tough to do when there are things out of your control. If there is bad information or the food is possibly late getting out. I don’t enjoy not getting the food to the customers when they asked for it”. If you had one piece of advice for new drivers, what would it be? “Always be early. Always leave your house early. You never know what traffic will be like. And dress to the expectations you would have for someone delivering your food to a business or an office” she continued. What was your favorite delivery experience you’ve had on our platform? She took a moment to think, then went on, “We took a delivery to an Amazon warehouse. I think it was a Metro Diner delivery. It was over $3,000 worth of food. But it was me, Ted and Ernest. We all showed up at the same time, the food was ready on time, we left at the same time, arrived to the customer at the same time. It just all went perfectly and we were in sync”.

Everyone at DeliverThat is so thankful to the time Kelsey has given to our platform and the relationships she has formed with us and our partners along the way. We would not be where we are without individuals like Kelsey and that is an absolute fact.

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