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Driver Spotlight: Jamillia Diggins (Dallas, TX)

Moving your entire family to a brand new city can be a daunting task. It can become even more frightening if you don’t have an idea of how you’re going to pay your bills. In October of 2020, Jamillia moved her family from Toledo, OH into a suburb of Dallas, TX. While she did and still does have her own cake creation business on the side, she was looking for another way to bring in a source of income that would be able to sustain her and her family’s needs. Searching and scouring job boards and googling until her fingers couldn’t type any longer she stumbled across a Facebook ad promoting a gig service she had never heard of. Previously, Jamillia had attempted to onboard through Doordash, Grubhub, and other similar services, but all of them had issues processing an Ohio driver’s license for a Texas driver. This new company she found, however, did things in a new, personable way that she enjoyed. This company was DeliverThat. By the end of 2020 through DeliverThat alone, Jamillia would be able to furnish her brand new apartment, take care of her two daughters and create a great relationship with a burgeoning company with a knack for doing things a little differently.

Now in May of 2021, Jamillia has become a powerhouse for DeliverThat in the Dallas, Texas market. Delivering an average of 15 orders per week, she’s consistently pulling in around $500, averaging about around $30 per delivery. When asked what separates DeliverThat from the other gig platforms she has worked at she had a pretty common answer we often hear. “Communication is one of them. With other companies, you’re just talking to a computer. To know I have people in the company I can talk to that actually know you and your name is something that makes you feel amazing”, she said. Another one of the biggest benefits that she has found with DeliverThat is being able to learn, see and begin to figure out a brand new city. Oftentimes while out on deliveries she finds herself sending pictures to her family back home in Toledo, showing them the crazy venues she is setting up in or the amazing landscapes she is passing through. One delivery stuck out when asked about a delivery to remember. Jamillia explained, “I delivered for a wedding in the country. I’ve never seen such a beautiful place, I got goosebumps just thinking about it again. At first, I couldn’t find where to go because it was on a farm and I just kept circling the entrance, thinking, this says I’m where I'm supposed to be but I don’t see a building.” After taking the time to contact the customer, she found her way to a large building in the very back of the farm. She continued, “the guests were super understanding when I got lost because it was in the middle of nowhere and you couldn’t see the building from the entrance.”

There’s certainly no shortage for work on the DeliverThat platform in Dallas and Jamillia mentioned that she loves working with Zoe’s and Pinstripes. Once while waiting for her delivery at a Pinstripes location the employees gave her a tour of the entire facility. This prompted her to bring her entire family back for her daughter’s birthday just a few weeks later. Unable to come up with many things DeliverThat could improve on our end, she began to mention ideas she had previously thought of that the company had already brought to fruition. “I really wanted to get paid out more frequently, but that was just fixed”, referring to DeliverThat’s new disbursement process of twice per week, now Wednesday and Fridays. When asked about advice she would give to new drivers on the platform, Jamillia had a few standout points, “start in areas that you know. I started staying in an Airbnb in Addison, so I started out in that area and worked my way out. Once I felt confident in the areas I got familiar with restaurants and the staff and went from there”.

All in all, Jamillia has said her time with DeliverThat has been nothing short of spectacular. I know everyone on our team, from the CEO down to our accountant appreciates everything she has been able to do for us and the opportunity she has taken advantage of for herself. To close things out, we asked Jamillia if she had ever referred anyone to our team or been intrigued to, she said she certainly has and “If you need a job, let me know. I have someone you can work for and you’re actually working for yourself”.

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