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Driver Spotlight: Jamillia D. (Dallas, TX)

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

"Now, can I get an encore? Do you want more?" - Jay Z.

We welcome back to the spotlight one of the most tenured catering delivery drivers in our Dallas metro, Jamillia D. Jamillia joined the platform two years ago in October of 2020, so it is very fitting to sit back down with her and discuss her time with DeliverThat.

We last spoke with Jamillia in May of 2021, when she had over six months of driving experience with DeliverThat. Since then, Jamillia has become a cornerstone of the Dallas metro. "I would say my time with DeliverThat has been a testament to progression. I have seen the tip pool increase $10+ per delivery, an increase in overall delivery volume, and some big changes back at HQ from DeliverThat", said Jamillia. Jamillia even pointed out she has seen internal, personal growth at DT Headquarters, referring to former dispatchers Ben and Tristan moving into other roles within the company. Though Jamillia misses her personal connection with these and other former dispatchers, she mentioned it is also a sign of growth she has seen since joining.

Every driver on DeliverThat's platform has a unique reason for joining and staying. For Jamillia, it comes down to a few things. "On the personal side, it's convenient for my lifestyle," she said. "Being a single mom, I get to make my money in the morning and early afternoon, and then I am home when my kids get off school to help them with homework and prepare dinner," she added. She followed up by saying that DeliverThat's attitude toward the business and the drivers has been a significant factor in her long tenure on the platform. "It's the main factor that has kept me here for so long. The dispatchers know our pain points; they understand our frustrations and always have the driver's back," she said about DeliverThat's #ByDriversForDrivers motto.

Whether you are a veteran driver of other platforms or new to the gig economy, there are plenty of reasons to give DeliverThat a try. "For the experienced driver, it's the ability to control what deliveries you take and the guaranteed money that comes with each delivery,' Jamillia said. With no acceptance rate, no obligation to take low-pay orders, and the pre-scheduled nature of the DeliverThat platform, our drivers can plan their days around the most lucrative deliveries to maximize their earnings and efficiency. "For the newer driver, it's the ability to learn by trial and error. Whether it be other drivers, you see on the road or straight from HQ, the community of DeliverThat will give you feedback and pointers, along with recognition for the job you are doing," Jamillia added. In addition, through the Driver Assistance Portal, DeliverThat's drivers have an entire database of videos and written information on how to be successful on the platform right at their fingertips.

We thank Jamillia for taking the time once again to talk with our team about her experiences with DeliverThat and the feedback she was able to provide as a veteran driver on the platform. Her hard work every day never goes unnoticed. Keep #DeliveringMore, Jamillia!

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