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Driver Spotlight: Derek Sutton

Derek Sutton, an Atlanta resident since 1996, has been driving with DeliverThat for almost one year. Starting back in October of 2019, he still loves what DeliverThat has to offer. “DeliverThat offers a platform for people to be successful, it is one of those things where you truly get out what you put in” Derek said.

Derek learned of the opportunity from a friend who was a driver with DeliverThat. Intrigued by this potential moneymaker, Derek wanted to learn more. He was able to see first hand how DeliverThat Drivers were able to deliver and complete deliveries. He recalled during his original ride-along, the first order went very smooth and very fast. “I realized that this gig has a lot of potential,” said Derek. “After the first week of taking catering deliveries, I knew I had to step up my game so I went out and bought a cart! It’s all about working smarter not harder!”

“I have tried multiple other gigs, I have driven for Amazon Flex and even was hired by Boston Market for their seasonal rush, the transition to driving with DeliverThat was the easiest by far.” No stranger to app-based gigs, Derek shared his thoughts of the on-boarding process with DeliverThat.

Unlike most, when asked about the best benefit about driving with DeliverThat, Derek didn’t mention the compensation, he immediately touched on the impact that he has been able to make on a customer’s day, “I get out of the house, see and meet new people every day while providing a critical service during a time of need for people.”

When asked about his favorite delivery experience, he recalled to a Sunday afternoon Zoe’s Kitchen delivery. “I was at Sunday School I received an offer for a delivery. I accepted and proceeded to complete my Sunday School. Not realizing the delivery was for that day, Dispatch had been trying to reach me to get an update of when I will get to the Zoe's Kitchen. I apologized to dispatch and rushed over to Zoe’s. After picking up the catering order as quickly as possible, I made my way to the dropoff location. Before I arrive to drop off the food, I always call the customer to see if there are any specific dropoff location details I should know off. The customer was confused by the call, she explained that her order was for Monday, the next day! I communicated with dispatch about the situation and dispatch communicated with Zoe’s as I made my way back to the restaurant. A couple of minutes passed and I received another call from dispatch informing me that Zoe’s could not take the food back, and asked if I knew anyone who I could donate the meal too. I responded with “why yes I do! My church!” Although this was an error, I was able to feed over 30 people with clean, high quality, healthy food that they have never eaten before! It was an awesome experience.” “Because of this pandemic, DeliverThat was my only reliable source of income. DeliverThat is truly a blessing!” Derek said. DeliverThat salutes Derek for his dedication and service to the Atlanta community. Keep #DeliveringMore Derek!

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