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Driver Spotlight: Daniela Goncalves

Sunny southern Florida is the home of DeliverThat Driver, Daniela Goncalves, however, she has not always called Miami her home. Growing up in Rio De Janeiro Daniela took an interest in cuisine at an early age, working in the food industry for over 25 years.

Moving to Miami in the 2000s, Daniela began working for full-service catering companies in the area. One of which provided a catering spread at the Miami Orange Bowl Stadium. In her spare time, Daniela started working other food delivery gigs before eventually starting with DeliverThat in September of 2019.

“I love doing large food deliveries. DeliverThat provides catering orders which I am familiar with,” she said, recalling her days as a member of the Orange Bowl’s catering team.

“Some of my favorite restaurants to deliver food for are the ones that think about the people delivering the food’ she said. “It is easy to make the food and package it but with some restaurants, the thought of how the food will be transported sometimes is forgotten.”

Daniela loves to keep busy, picking up deliveries during all hours of the day. During her busiest week, which happened to be the week of the 2020 Super Bowl being played in Miami Florida, Daniela delivered over 40 deliveries. Totaling over $7,000 in food delivered during Super Bowl week and an average gratuity of almost $16 per delivery.

One of Daniela’s favorite delivery memories is when she had over $2,000 worth of food in her car, “I love seeing customers happy and nothing makes them happier than showing up with all of the food they have been waiting for.”

DeliverThat wants to thank Daniela for her hard work and dedication to the company. Our drivers are the backbone of our operation and without people like Daniela, none of this would be possible. Keep up the excellent work!

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