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Driver(s) Spotlight: The Ledbetters

Fort Myers, Florida driver Jeffrey Ledbetter joined the DeliverThat fleet a little under a year ago to earn some extra cash on the side. Little did he know, it would quickly become a family affair.

Jeff joined the team after meeting a DeliverThat driver at a restaurant pick up, while he himself was working for a different platform. After chatting with our driver about the opportunities available at DeliverThat, Jeff quickly applied and became a cornerstone of the Fort Myers team. Following the COVID outbreak, Jeff’s wife, Vicky also joined as a way to keep busy and help supplement the income. After a few months of just the two driving on the platform and with both parents earning serious money, they recommended driving with DeliverThat to their son, Justin.

Jeff sees the advantages of having a family fleet of drivers. He says they are able to juggle around deliveries to optimize their routes, with Jeff often taking the larger, more difficult deliveries to make Vicky’s day easier. (What a great husband!) If one of the Ledbetters is running behind on a delivery due to an unforeseen delay at a previous order, the family has found it useful to be able to contact each other and have someone save the late delivery.

Jeff said the family’s favorite aspect of DeliverThat is the communication between the drivers and dispatch. “It’s the one app that feels like a true team environment and is the best platform in terms of consistency” Jeff claimed. When asked, he said Zoe’s Kitchen stands out to him as the restaurant he enjoys delivering for the most. Jeff feels he has gotten to know the restaurant employees and appreciates the consistency of deliveries from their store locations.

For newer drivers, Jeff advises to never hesitate to reach out to dispatch for any questions or concerns. It's better to reach out before there’s a problem rather than after the problem has snowballed into a larger situation, he says. He also advises to not try to do too much right away “I would start with smaller orders until you get the hang of it” says Jeff. Taking smaller orders to start allows newer drivers to get used to the platform until they are comfortable managing larger scaled deliveries.

I know we at DeliverThat have valued the Ledbetters’ consistency and willingness to help out however needed. Building these relationships with drivers is what sets DeliverThat apart; and it is people like the Ledbetters who make what we do here possible. Keep #DeliveringMore Ledbetters!

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