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'22 Review: Driver Fleet

DeliverThat is a national catering delivery service that has experienced incredible growth over the past year. From 2021 to 2022, DeliverThat's driver fleet increased by an impressive 98.95%. This significant expansion can be attributed to several factors.

DeliverThat's rapid growth in its driver fleet can be attributed to the company's focus on driver satisfaction. As DeliverThat's business has grown, the demand for its drivers has also increased. To meet this demand and ensure that drivers continue to come back to the platform, DeliverThat has signed contracts across the US, ensuring 100% of gratuity to its drivers. In 2022 alone, the DeliverThat platform's driver pay increased by over eighteen percent.

In addition to increasing its driver fleet to meet restaurant demand, DeliverThat has also focused on recruiting top-quality drivers. The company has implemented stringent onboarding practices and education programs to ensure that its drivers are safe, reliable, and professional. This has helped DeliverThat maintain a high service level and contributed to the company's overall success.

The final factor that has contributed to DeliverThat's growth in its driver fleet is the company's expansion into new markets. As DeliverThat has added new locations and partnerships, it has also had to increase its driver fleet to serve these new areas. This expansion has played a significant role in DeliverThat's overall growth.

DeliverThat's impressive increase in its driver fleet over the past year can be attributed to a combination of restaurant demand, a focus on educating top-quality drivers, and expansion into new markets. These factors and strong marketing and customer service efforts have helped DeliverThat become a leader in the catering delivery industry.

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