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'22 Review: $80 Million in Food Delivered

DeliverThat is a national catering delivery service that has experienced tremendous growth over the past year. In 2022, the company delivered a total of $80,549,426 in food, a 115% increase from 2021.

One factor contributing to DeliverThat's success is the company's focus on delivering high-quality food from top-rated catering partners. By partnering with the best in the industry, DeliverThat has provided customers with delicious, satisfying meals that keep them returning for more, resulting in more deliveries on the platform.

In addition to its focus on quality, DeliverThat has also made a concerted effort to improve the efficiency of its operations. The company has invested in the latest technology and streamlined in-house processes, allowing it to monitor drivers and delivery routes and ensure on-time deliveries. This has helped to increase customer satisfaction and restaurant partner brand loyalty, contributing to DeliverThat's overall growth.

DeliverThat's impressive performance in 2022 has set the stage for even more growth in the future. The company expects to deliver nearly $200 million worth of food in 2023, a testament to its strong market position and the increasing demand for its services.

DeliverThat's success in delivering a total of $80,549,426 in food in 2022 confirms the company's focus on quality, efficiency, and partner and driver satisfaction.

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