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First Impressions, Identity

In any relationship, the first impression is crucial. The same principle goes for the catering delivery world. As a catering driver for DeliverThat, you will meet new people on every delivery, every day.

At is foundation, driving with DeliverThat is very customer service orientated. On one end, you are working with the restaurant's staff to make sure the pickup goes as smoothly and quickly as possible. Making sure the driver gets in and out of the restaurant as fast as possible, ensuring that all of the correct food in transferred to the catering delivery driver. Taking a moment, as you arrive to introduce yourself to the restaurant staff by stating your name and that you are a catering delivery driver with DeliverThat. This simple action will allow the restaurant staff to identify which catering order is going with what driver.

When arriving at the drop-off location, the catering delivery driver is most likely arriving at a building or area that they have never been to before. Identifying yourself, as the catering delivery driver will most likely get you moving towards the right direction. From there, once you are able to get in contact with the actual customer, the first thing the catering delivery should do is properly introduce themselves, with a smile on their face of course.

A simple introduction can go a long way in the catering delivery world. A polite and pleasant introduction will leave the customer feeling happy and accomplished and wanting the catering delivery driver's services again! Good customer service may even result in a much better tip.

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