• John Zinno

Why DeliverThat: By Drivers, For Drivers

Built “By Drivers, For Drivers'', at DeliverThat drivers are not just a number, they are people. This mindset has allowed DeliverThat to create a platform that provides value to drivers across the United States and Canada. DeliverThat is focused on building relationships, providing education, and teaching principles that users can take into any profession.

The platform is flexible and allows for deliveries to be scheduled days in advance. Choosing when and where to work is the foundation of the gig economy, but selecting which delivery to take provides another level of financial control. “The flexibility is awesome, the fact that you can truly be your own boss by choosing when you want to work and which deliveries you want to take,” said Chris Pittman, DeliverThat driver in Tampa, Florida. With the average pay per delivery being over $25, DeliverThat provides an excellent platform for any gig worker.

Being a resource to drivers has been the foundation of DeliverThat’s success. An in-house, English-speaking call center allows DeliverThat Drivers to speak immediately to real people who help solve real-time issues. DeliverThat treats every driver like family, building relationships within the fleet brings inherent value that is not found elsewhere.

DeliverThat also provides education to every driver. As a catering driver, the quality expected by the customers and restaurants is very high. Whether that is the attire, customer service principles, or the way to set up the food, education seems to be the missing piece in the delivery industry. "I love the fact that I was able to play a role in the rapid growth here in Denver. Helping to secure relationships with restaurant partners and customers alike." Charles Hornbeck, a veteran driver in Denver, Colorado.

Come drive with DeliverThat and see what it's like to be in an organization that values every team member and every relationship

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