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  • Ben Alkire

Ovation, A Restaurant Feedback Platform

Ovation is a guest feedback platform specifically designed for restaurants. Beginning in 2018, blogger, marketer, and entrepreneur Zack Oates started the company with the idea that restaurants need to be able to receive feedback directly from their customers and then also have the opportunity to respond to that information. Avoiding your typical long-winded surveys with redundant questioning, Ovation specializes in a 2 question SMS method to obtain and send back your guest’s experience at your restaurant location.

“I want to fix that problem and make it a seamless solution for the guest. People feel like they’re stuck between either choosing no form of feedback, a long survey that nobody is going to take, or online reviews that’s just too little too late, too public,” Zack begins, explaining his vision for what Ovation would become. The results seem to speak for themselves. Ovation is now servicing companies like Burger King, Domino’s, and El Pollo Loco.

If you want to hear more from Zack about Ovation, his restaurant beginnings, or his time out in Utah, check out his episode of DeliveringMore below.

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