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Driver Tip: Preparation

When it comes to catering delivery, preparation is the main ingredient in the recipe for success at DeliverThat. Being fully prepared for a delivery forces you to expect the unexpected. Good or bad, delivering will always have it’s variables. We checked in with Denver DeliverThat Driver, Charles Hornbeck to see how he prepares for a full day with DeliverThat.

Charles, a long-running DeliverThat driver has been #DeliveringMore since August of 2018. From busy and congested downtown Denver lunchtime deliveries to scenic, adventurous drives to the foothills of the Rockies, Charles has truly seen it all and knows every resource he may need to execute a catering delivery.

Dedicated to customer service, Charles explains there are times when restaurants forget items that are needed for deliveries. There are also times when customers do not want certain items that are included with deliveries (plates, silverware, napkins, sternos, wire racks, etc). Over time, Charles has begun collecting catering supplies. He keeps these supplies because he knows catering is all customer service.

Food safety is a very important factor, now more than ever. Charles keeps extra gloves for all of his deliveries, disposable masks, and hand sanitizer. As a man dedicated to customer service, Charles always tries to ensure that the food is arriving to the customer the same way it left the restaurant.

Transporting the food is a crucial piece to catering delivery. Charles has always said “work smarter not harder.” He keeps a collapsible wagon in his car for large catering deliveries, making it easier to transport more food in fewer trips to the car. Charles has also collected numerous DeliverThat Thermal bags from his “Setup Picture Contest” winnings, which restaurants require to transport food.

Charles is not just prepared for forgotten items, he is also prepared for any sort of roadside emergency. Riding along for every delivery, a portable air compressor, an extra couple of gallons of gas, and general cleaning supplies, Charles is ready for just about anything. With the sudden snowstorms in Denver, he even keeps extra food, blankets, and clothes just in case.

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