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Driver Tip of the Week: Drop Off Issue

Updated: Aug 23

At DeliverThat, we aim for deliveries to be as quick and efficient as possible for our drivers and customers. However, we know that issues may arise at the drop-off location. So please follow these quick steps if you are at a customer drop-off and cannot locate where you need to be.

Step 1: First, always check for any special delivery instructions in your app by opening up the delivery metadata. Under section “G,” you will see if the customer left any special instructions such as a suite number, directions on where to meet, or any other pertinent information.

Step 2: If there are no special instructions, check to see if there is a customer phone number. Getting in touch with the customer will allow them to verbally instruct you where the food needs to be so you can have a quick and efficient drop-off.

Step 3: If the customer leaves no helpful information in the app, you can always give our Customer Service Team a call. We will be able to assist you however necessary to get the food dropped off in the right location and on time for the customer.

Following these steps will make you efficient at drop-offs, enabling you to get on to more deliveries and make more money! It will also ensure all the customers are taken care of to the standard they expect from our platform drivers. For more information, visit this link Can’t Find Drop Off – DeliverThat Drivers, and as always, if you have any questions, Drop-Off reach out to the hotline at 315-630-3330

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