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Technology that Delivers

Technology is at the core of everything we do. We pride ourselves on the fact that we built a smarter, better, platform that offers ease of use, accessible (actionable) data and seamless integration. Recently, we introduced our "smart" Dashboard that does just this, for both our drivers and our merchants.

Our Dashboard allows merchants the ability to create and manage their direct entry catering deliveries, and regardless of order source, transparency across all channels.

Since inception, merchants using the Dashboard have seen a significant decrease with in-store related adjustments (food isn't ready, forgotten or wrong items, packaging issues) from 19% to 10%.


Merchants using our Dashboard are seeing one of the highest fill rates in the industry.


Fill rate for DeliverThat Dashboard Merchants

The Dashboard is creating efficiencies and streamlining driver schedules. It is helping brands save money, by ensuring their restaurants have the food ready and on time for pick up. This alone is driving catering comps down from over 2% to .3%.

DeliverThat directly integrates with a number of catering channels. 
Here are just a few platforms we integrate with.

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