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Delivering More Together

At DeliverThat, we excel at delivering exceptional catering experiences, forging lasting partnerships, and propelling your business forward.

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Why Partner with DeliverThat?

Unmatched Quality:

We partner with Restaurants, Marketplaces, Grocers, and Ghost Kitchens, fulfilling catering deliveries with the same, if not better, quality than brands can do themselves for a fraction of the price.

Increased Efficiency:

Partnering with DeliverThat will not only increase your bottom line by allowing your restaurants to capture every single catering order; but it will also allow your employees to stay focused on the guests within your four walls.

Brand Loyalty:

Our professional fleet of drivers ensure on-time and on-brand deliveries, helping build brand loyalty between you and your customers.

Nationwide Driver Network

Our nationwide network of drivers is dedicated to delivering excellence, acting as an extension of your brand to ensure that deliveries and setups meet your exacting standards.

With our fair and flexible gig economy opportunities, you can trust our passionate team to represent your brand with professionalism and precision.


"Partnering with DeliverThat has enabled Wegmans to confidently and more rapidly grow our catering business with both social and business catering customers.
They’ve met our challenge to perform at our high-level standards for quality and service, resulting in a wonderful customer experience and increased sales."

John Derby, eCommerce Services Director

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Data-Driven Deliveries

Our dedication to innovation sets us apart.

Through our Dashboard, we offer effective catering delivery solutions with real-time tracking, seamless communication, and comprehensive metrics for scalable success.

Seamless Integrations

DeliverThat seamlessly integrates with various catering channels, offering ease of use and actionable data through our Merchant Dashboard.


Our platform empowers merchants to efficiently manage direct entry catering deliveries and ensures transparency across all channels.


Let’s Make It Happen

Interested in partnering with DeliverThat? Click the button below to get started.

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