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DeliverThat, a national last-mile delivery service - recognized as the industry leader in restaurant catering delivery and setup – has proactively invested in restaurant technology to meet the increasing demand for catering. DeliverThat is helping restaurants increase their bottom line, while at the same time, taking pressure off the restaurants during this tight labor market. 

DeliverThat’s team of internal experts, drivers and technology are delivering SUCCESS, giving restaurants the opportunity to accept 100% of catering orders, 100% of the time.




DeliverThat and Tocaya, a 20-unit restaurant group offering modern Mexican cuisine, have been in partnership since 2019. As their preferred Catering Delivery Partner, DeliverThat has helped Tocaya take their catering business to the next level.

DeliverThat has been a profitable solution for Tocaya.

We’ve never been able to utilize restaurant team members for delivery and so having a good delivery partner is so important as the delivery drivers are the ones who actually have face time with our clients.

Megan Welcome, Director of Catering for One Table Restaurant Brands

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With a successful partnership already under their belt, Tocaya was an early adopter of DeliverThat’s New Smart Dashboard they introduced earlier this year: DeliverThat Introduces New Smart Catering Dashboard That Will Change the Future of Catering Delivery ( As one of the first to integrate, Tocaya has been able to streamline their Catering business even further.

“The integration has been incredibly easy given that setup only entails clicking a link in your email – the DeliverThat teams take care of the rest! Our restaurants have adopted the new system seamlessly,” added Welcome.

Not only does the Dashboard allow merchants to create and manage their direct entry catering deliveries but it also integrates with the catering channels below. Additionally, regardless of order source, the Dashboard provides timestamps, set-up photos and real-time updates on deliveries and driver statuses, allowing for full transparency across all channels.

The new Dashboard is simple to use and efficient. It provides our restaurants with increased visibility into driver tracking; giving them even more confidence in using the platform. This in turn, allows our central team a lot more freedom as the restaurant teams are more independent and don’t need as much oversight. We love the increased flexibility with editing submissions as well as the ability for restaurants to have a clearer view of their individual deliveries.

Megan Welcome, Director of Catering for One Table Restaurant Brands


Since inception, restaurants using the Dashboard have seen a significant decrease with in-store related adjustments (food isn't ready, forgotten or wrong items, packaging issues) from 19% to 10%. Restaurants using our Dashboard are seeing one of the highest fill rates in the industry - 98.79%. 

The Dashboard is creating efficiencies and streamlining driver schedules. It is helping brands save money, by ensuring their restaurants have the food ready and on time for pick up. This alone is driving catering comps down from over 2% to .3%.

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