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  • Nate Kingsbury

Driver Tip of the Week: Know Your Limits

On the DeliverThat platform, deliveries are considered Large Orders once they pass the $1,000 threshold. Often, these Large Order deliveries will have adjustments to the commission approved by DeliverThat or EzCater to help compensate the drivers fairly for their work.

Though it can be advantageous to take these Large Orders, the driver needs to know their limits. A $100 payout for delivering and setting up food is always something to jump at, but having the appropriate vehicle, amount of bags, and physical capability to transport, load, and unload these Large Orders is crucial.

Luckily, on DeliverThat’s platform, Small Orders can be just as lucrative. A Small Order on our platform is typically under $250. Depending on the drive time, these orders can be delivered and set up in 15-20 minutes. So knocking out multiple Small Orders in a short period can result in the same payout as a Large Order in about the same amount of time.

Know your limits and keep #DeliveringMore !

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