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DeliverThat, a national last-mile delivery service and recognized as the industry leader in restaurant catering delivery and setup, has proactively invested in restaurant technology to meet the increasing demand for catering.

DeliverThat has delivered over 1 million orders, $300 million dollars worth of catering orders, and has a network of over 25,000 active drivers.



Delivering More for Wegmans

Wegmans Food Markets, a prominent supermarket chain with 111 stores along the East Coast and known for its industry leadership and innovation, made a strategic decision to intensify its catering initiatives in 2023. 


To accomplish this objective, Wegmans chose DeliverThat as their catering delivery partner due to DeliverThat’s comprehensive delivery management capabilities.


Their decision paid off.


"Partnering with DeliverThat has enabled Wegmans to confidently and more rapidly grow our catering business with both social and business catering customers. They’ve met our challenge to perform at our high-level standards for quality and service, resulting in a wonderful customer experience and increased sales."

John Derby, eCommerce Services Director

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DeliverThat has helped Wegmans experience substantial growth with orders and sales. 

More than 30% increase in
Wegmans’ overall
catering business

50% more catering deliveries with Meals2Go versus previous year

“DeliverThat offers highly reliable and available drivers and a driver pool with comprehensive education creating a better customer experience. This leads to improved customer ratings scores via consistently strong performance and, ultimately, happier customers.”

Wegmans Team Member

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Data-Driven Deliveries

“Our Delivery Management Platform helped pinpoint operational inefficiencies, enabling Wegmans to continuously improve and reduce challenges at store level and bring in-store incidents down,” said Christian Hilty, VP of Partnerships at DeliverThat.


Hilty added “We conducted weekly metrics reviews—a deep dive into the data—to identify the areas for improvement. Our platform’s insights are enabling Wegmans to manage their delivery program better than ever.”

DeliverThat’s Weekly Wegmans Metrics:

  • Fill rate

    • Deliveries canceled vs. completed. This allowed Wegmans to identify the type of deliveries that drivers did not want and identify patterns for their own customer cancellations.

  • Food preparation time

    • Identifies and problem solve for underperforming locations—sometimes this was staffing, preparation, management, etc. 

  • Data discrepancies

    • DeliverThat’s technology is able to identify wrong data, such as incorrect addresses provided by customers. Wegmans was able to improve their system responsible for validating addresses to alleviate future issues. 

  • Order cost & radius

    • DeliverThat assisted Wegmans catering strategy with identifying ways to help increase volume through their locations. This led to Wegmans implementing a larger delivery radius and changed their Meals2Go strategy to push larger order costs.

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Achieving More Together

“Wegmans has placed a strong emphasis on collaborative efforts in strategy and performance alongside DeliverThat. In every meeting, representatives from various sectors including operations, off-premise, e-commerce, and accounting are present.


This deliberate inclusion of key personnel from both teams has cultivated an environment conducive to open dialogue and alignment, serving as a sustainable foundation to facilitate current and future growth initiatives,” stated Darien Terrell, President and CEO for DeliverThat.


Moreover, well-defined processes established between DeliverThat and Wegmans' store teams facilitated enhanced communication and confidence in meeting catering delivery requirements.


“Through transparent information sharing and leveraging DeliverThat's delivery management capabilities, Wegmans has reaped the rewards of increased timely deliveries and heightened customer satisfaction,” added Terrell.

"The people at DeliverThat care about their business and their customers. From the owner to each team member, they demonstrate a consistent commitment to deliver."

John Derby, eCommerce Services Director

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Ready to take your catering and off-premise programs to the next level?

Grow with DeliverThat

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