Stacked Deliveries

October 10, 2019

What is a "Stacked Delivery"?


A stacked delivery is picking up two or more deliveries with staggered pickup and drop-off times. DeliverThat classifies this as a "Stacked Delivery" because you have to "stack" the pickup and drop-off in the correct order. This is a vital step. If done incorrectly the deliveries will be late.


For example, delivery A has a pickup time of 11:00 Am and a drop-off time of :12:00 PM. You see another delivery (B) come into VROMO with a pickup time of 11:30 AM and a drop-off of time of 12:15 PM.


Is this a possible "Stacked Delivery"?


A couple of factors we need to look at before we know that this "Stacked Delivery" is possible.

1. Distance from pickup to drop-off.

     - If the time it take for delivery "A" pickup to drop-off has you close to 12:00 PM, it will be tough to pull off another deliver in between.

     - If there seems to be enough time, or extra time allotted for this delivery, we may be able to stack another delivery in between.

2. Size of the order.

     - The overall size of the order plays a huge role into knowing if a stacked delivery is possible.

     - Factoring in how much food you will be handling will either slow you down or speed you up. If the cost of order A exceeds $500 it may be tough to pull off a "stacked delivery". If the order cost of order A and B are less that $300, you should be able to handle this amount of food with ease. 

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