Team Member of the Month: Ryan Sheeler

September 13, 2019

Today we are announcing Ryan Sheeler as our first ever Team Member of the Month! Ryan is a Canton, OH native that has been at the forefront of DeliverThat's Business Development Department for the past six months, driving the company's success ever since he stepped foot in the office. His impact is clearly evident to the rest of the team, as he didn't just win Team Member of the Month... the rest of the team voted for him unanimously


After spending his early working years in the Food Service Industry, Ryan started his own Digital Marketing Company for Roofers, before eventually being approached by CEO Aaron Hoffman and the DeliverThat team. Impressed by the company's quick and steady growth, Ryan joined the team as a Business Development Specialist and has been a catalyst in maintaining DeliverThat's pace of growth over the last six months!


Ryan mentions that his favorite part of working for DeliverThat are "the opportunity to work in the industry that I am so passionate about, and the team we have here. Everyone i