Driver Highlight: Anthony Hernandez

November 28, 2018


DeliverThat offers gig economy drivers flexibility, as DeliverThat deliveries are pre-scheduled and convenient. For team members like Anthony Hernandez, flexibility means more than words.

Anthony is a recent graduate of Florida International University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. He began delivering with the DeliverThat Miami fleet in August 2018, and continues to do so while pursuing his Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology at Albizu University in the eastern Miami area. As he expands his studies in Clinical Psychology, he hopes to work with children struggling with developmental disorders to improve their own potential and wellbeing. 


Being a student, taking deliveries, and having a family/social life is all about balance. Anthony explained, “The best balance I have found is [delivering] every morning in the weekdays. I do one or two deliveries since most of my classes will be at night.” His weekday focus is DeliverThat and school, and on the weekends, Anthony enjoys his earned relaxation with his family and friends. 


For Veteran's Day, Anthony had the opportunity to deliver a special Boston Market “feast” to the US Southern Command HQ. The delivery was HUGE, and the soldiers eagerl