DeliverThat Sit Down With: Moe's Mike Gieger

August 27, 2018


Running a Moe's empire in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania isn't an easy task, especially when you're number one competitor is right across the street. Mike Gieger operates ten Moe's in the greater Pittsburgh area with his number one store located in market square in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh. 


Upon arrival to Mike's restaurant, we noticed a Chipotle directly across the street. I was curious to know how they did with such close competition, once I was able to ask Mike, he responded with a smile and said "just fine". After meeting Mike, I did a bit more research and found that Mike's Moe's at Market Square had been there before the Chipotle moved in, he went on to tell me a story about Chipotle's "grand opening". During the week of Moe's competitors grand opening, all of Mike's Moe's offered "Free Queso". A brilliant marketing tactic to keep Mike relevant with the flooding of a new restaurant. This became the highest grossing week for Moe's, making so much noise with the company, Mike received a promotion from free queso.


As we sat and talked more, we asked Mike a bit more personal questions. Mike has been with Moe's for over 15 years now, when asked "why he wanted to own his own chain of stores, his answer surprised me. Mike thought for a second and said "I wan