Complete Guide for Your Catering Operation

August 29, 2017



Offering catering can be the catalyst your restaurant needs. Not only are you moving a large quantity of food,  but you're also getting your name out in front of customers that may have never visited your restaurant. Before you put out your first catering order you're going to need a business plan. This plan will outline everything from marketing to price points.


Be Unique

When I say the catering industry is large, I really do mean it! This 22 billion dollar industry is growing each and everyday. More and more restaurants launch catering each year which ends up creating some serious competition. In order to stand out amongst the rest, you're going to need to shake things up and be different.

Identify something that you're good at and roll with it. I often come across restaurants that do the same thing as everything else, which leads to poor sales. The restaurants that go above and beyond their customer's expectations always win. Not only are they creating an amazing brand that will easily be recognized, they're shaking up the way their competitors run their catering operations. If restaurants are following your lead, you know you're doing something right.

Reach Your Existing Clientele


This area is often overlooked and there's a reason why. It can be very uncomfortable reaching out to existing customers about a new product. However, if you offer some sort of incentive then you should have no problem getting your catering out.

Offer something like a 10% discount or some sort of rewards for ordering. What we do is offer $25 for every $500 spent on catering. Often times this makes a huge difference for professionals. They usually don't have to use their own money to pay for the food, so offering an