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September Team Member of the Month: Layton Hoover

Layton Hoover is our newest addition to the Team Member of the Month club. Last month DeliverThat found ourselves in a peculiar position. We were arranging to bring on some new team members, but scheduling and night dispatch coverage remained an area of focus and need succeed. 

Layton, who recently resumed his college classes at Ashland University, came to the rescue as he offered to not only provide assistance but offering to do it at full-force and make himself available to come to the office after his classes ended. For those of us at DeliverThat who have had to balance the workload of college classes and work schedules, there is a genuine appreciation for how challenging that can be. Nonetheless, Layton was up for that challenge and performed at a very high level.

His dedication and character was on full display, and he was rightfully awarded the well-deserved recognition. A big shout-out and thanks to Layton for what he’s accomplished to stabilize and improve the critical work of night Dispatch at DeliverThat.

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