• Ben Alkire

September '22 Work Anniversaries: Lissa & Dan

During the month of September, we are celebrating the work anniversaries of two extraordinary individuals. Customer Service Representative, Lissa, was brought on in September of 2020, making this month her 2-year benchmark. In addition, Market Analyst and Operations Coordinator Dan, brother of founder Aaron Hoffman, has been with the company since the time of inception, making this September his 6-year anniversary.

When asked about her time with DeliverThat, Lissa stated, "Honestly, I feel really blessed to be able to be part of this company and spend my days with all the people here. I still walk in every day just as excited to see everyone and get to work now as I did my first weeks. I am incredibly lucky that I found DeliverThat, and I can't imagine working elsewhere at this point.."

Previously having won employee of the month in April 2021, Lissa's peers have clearly felt the reciprocation of those thoughts and feelings with her around.

Having known Aaron since birth, Dan felt more compelled to assist in the new venture when it was brought up. "Aaron guided me through this process just as much as an older brother anticipates guiding his younger brother. So the roles have been a bit reversed. But I can say that what has been created over the last six years does not get done without the help of thirty-plus other individuals willing to bust their behind to make it work."

We are thrilled to recognize both individuals for their work and consistent effort. At DeliverThat, we are dedicated to every team member's success from the inside out. We all look forward to doing what we do day in and day out, taking pride in being a part of something that curates opportunities for others! So please help us congratulate Lissa & Dan as they begin another year with DeliverThat!

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