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Meet The Team: Tristan Pellegrene

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Born and raised in Canton Ohio, Tristan Pellegrene has always had his rootes in the midwest. In the spring of 2017, Tristan became a father to his little girl Amrita Rain. As if the slow-moving pace of the midwest wasn't enough, Tristan packed up and headed west, way west, to the smallest Island of Hawaii, Kauai to give his family a completely different way of life.

4,500 miles from DeliverThat’s headquarters, for a year Tristan called Hawaii home. The laid back ways of island life helped Tristan remain calm, cool and collected while assisting DeliverThat Drivers.

Upon moving to Kauai, Tristan worked on a farm to earn a living for his family. “We farmed all sorts of organic fruits and vegetables, bananas, taro root, mangos and plenty others,” Tristan explained. “The culture there is extremely diverse. It's unbelievably beautiful and a very safe place to live. You can live very modestly and be extremely comfortable.” After a year of island life, It was time for Tristan to head back to Ohio.

Reflecting on his time in Hawaii, Tristan explained one of the more challenging parts of living on an island, “The moisture was something that I could have never accounted for. Being so close to the ocean at all times, water is always in the air. You couldn't leave your closet or cupboard doors closed or mold would form on your clothes and dishes.” He continued, "The dirt was red and rich in iron, and it would float through the air and even through your window screens (which you always had open), so you had to sweep/mop the floor every night. It was a wonderful and beautiful place to raise a child, and I sincerely hope someday I can return for good."

Starting with DeliverThat in June of 2019, Tristan has helped drive the growth of DeliverThat over the past two years. As a Dispatch Supervisor, Tristan works to facilitate DeliverThat’s deliveries across 90+ cities around the country. Although Tristan is not directly delivering the food, as a member of the dispatch department, Tristan is building brand loyalty for DeliverThat’s partners by assisting in providing an excellent delivery experience for all parties involved.

DeliverThat is thankful to have a team member like Tristan that continues to bring positive energy, good vibes, and all-around great attitude! Keep #DeliveringMore Tristan!

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