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Meet the Team: Nate Kingsbury

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Our first intern turned full-time employee, Nate’s journey with DeliverThat started in May of 2019. While finishing school at Ohio University, he needed an internship to receive credit for his soon-to-be marketing degree. What DeliverThat and Nate would both figure out very quickly was that we didn’t necessarily need anyone for a marketing position and Nate had many other skills we would be able to put to use. Nate would begin his internship primarily helping out our Dispatch department as a Dispatch Specialist. Answering phones, routing deliveries and handling any and all real-time driver issues became his forte.

Almost exactly two years later, Nate has his diploma from Ohio University, graduating in May of 2020, and his role has since expanded to what he may have previously envisioned when he came on board to DeliverThat. While he still excels in his role as a Dispatch Specialist, Nate has also become our quasi Social Media Manager. Nate is responsible for our social media accounts and creating the posts that you see as the end consumer. Sooner than later, Nate will also blaze a new path to become another first in DeliverThat history. Nate will soon be making a move to Columbus and become our first full-time remote employee. We’re both excited and nervous, for Nate and ourselves, but mainly for his possible new roommate/girlfriend.

Beyond DeliverThat, Nate enjoys taking his time on the weekends to find the nearest 18 holes he can attempt to not yell at. He is an avid cryptocurrency wizard as well, dishing out his hot takes throughout the office daily. He is very bullish on Doge if you were wondering. He has spent many weekends back and forth to Athens still, as his girlfriend of two and a half years, Samantha, just graduated this past spring. It’s never fun saying goodbye to Court Street, a few DeliverThat alumni know that first hand already.

DeliverThat is forever grateful for the time Nate has given us since the spring of 2019. We’ve come a long long way since then and only plan to keep evolving as we move forward. Cheers to Nate for being a part of this journey.

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