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Meet the Team - Mitch Keim

Have you ever wanted to visit Croatia? How about play baseball in Croatia? DeliverThat dispatcher Mitch Keim can say he has done both.

Growing up playing travel baseball, Mitch was introduced to DeliverThat CEO, Aaron Hoffman through America’s past-time. Playing against each other from a young age, the two eventually becoming teammates and friends. Over time, Mitch explored other opportunities in the baseball world, receiving an opportunity to play baseball overseas. Residing in Croatia for roughly a year and a half, “Keim Time” was born in central Europe.

Eventually, it was time for Mitch to come home. Upon returning to the states, Mitch checked in with his long time friend Aaron. After the two exchanged stories from the years passed, Aaron shared what he and his college friend, John Zinno, had been up to with DeliverThat. Growing up playing sports together, Aaron knew that Mitch’s competitiveness and drive were what DeliverThat needed during the startup period.

Starting as a dispatcher in October of 2018, Mitch would set the groundwork for how DeliverThat’s dispatch team would operate. Moving out to Phoenix in June of 2019, “Keim Time” would take his talents out to the desert to assist in DeliverThat’s expansion west. “I love to help solve the puzzle,” said Keim, when it comes to assisting drivers to create their ideal route to maximize their earnings while delivering catering orders with DeliverThat. After spending roughly 2 years in Phoenix with his girlfriend and two dogs, Ida and Luna, Keim packed up and headed back home to Ohio.

Upon his return to DeliverThat Headquarters in December of 2020, Mitch was promoted to Director of Dispatch. His dedication to serving drivers, restaurants, and DeliverThat team members, made him an obvious choice to lead the team in 2021.

Now being with the company for over two years, Mitch has enjoyed seeing DeliverThat evolve and scale to over 80 markets. In his free time, Mitch loves to play golf which is a bit more challenging back in Ohio rather than being able to play 365 days in Phoenix.

We salute Mitch and his dedication to DeliverThat over the years.

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